SD-AAPT Photo Contest & Annual Meeting
All Physics and/or Physical Science teachers are invited to the annual meeting for the final voting and judging of the photos and essays that have been submitted. Check out the photos in the hall Thursday night and/or Friday and put in your two cents worth. Vote by putting in a penny for your top choice or two.


Golden Eagle Flight
This picture is of a golden eagle preparing to take flight. The eagle prepares to flap its wings in a wave-like motion to produce flight. There are three concepts of physics that go into flight. The first is thrust. The bird must produce motion to begin lift-off. Being a bird of such a large mass, it must flap its wings more than once to achieve this. Lift is the second force of a flying object and is only applied once the object is in the air. This is an opposing force, causing the bird to fall back to earth, once it stops flapping its wings. The third and final force is drag, which is caused by natural friction of an object rubbing against another object, such as this bird and the wind. This photo was taken on the 22nd of September, 2015 and, to me, was an extremely rare and lucky photo that I was able to take.
Gravity support

I will explain the science of how a pencil can hold up a one kilogram hammer. It is all about the center of gravity. To set this demonstration up, you will need a hammer, a pencil, and a rubber band. First, take the rubber band and wrap it around the hammer. Then, put the pencil under the rubber band and notch it in the hammer. Next, put the pencil onto the table and the hammer under the table. You will see the pencil balancing the hammer.
When it balances, you will see that the pencil is holding up the hammer. This is because of where gravity is pulling the structure at. With the hammer head being under the table, the hammer is pulling the pencil down on the eraser end of the pencil instead of the other end that is touching the hammer. With most of the weight under the pencil eraser, the structure is unable to be pulled downward by gravity as the table is holing it up.